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September 2023

Who checks Engine Lights for free?

Many people think that just having someone pull the codes with a generic code reader will tell them what is wrong with their car. So, they go to BigBoxStoreAuto and get the codes read for free. Then then bring the vehicle to an Auto Repair Shop for the repairs. That is when this question comes up: "BigBoxStoreAuto read the codes for free so I know it needs XYZ part. Why are you going to charge me to Diagnose the Check Engine Light when I already know?" Gosh, if only it was that easy! We know BigBoxStoreAuto made it feel like they were doing you a favor, AND they conveniently had that part available to buy. However: bet they didn't offer to do the repair! Why is that? Why doesn't BigBoxStoreAuto do those repairs? Because they are not Auto Repair Facilities. They want to sell parts! And yes, the code they gave you may say a specific part has failed. And yes, you could buy & replace said part. But... your Check Engine Light will most likely come back on in a short period of time. Why? Because BigBoxStoreAuto did not take the time to find out WHY the code(s) indicated the part failed. That is where the true diagnostics, tools and Technician Knowledge comes in!

Put simply: the codes to your vehicle are like a zip code to a city.
It tells you what area you are in, but not which house you're supposed to be at.

Our Certified Technicians will spend the proper amount of time finding the root cause of your Engine Light. They will start by using the industry's most sophisticated scan tools with the most current software. They will connect the software to your vehicle, which communicates with your vehicle's computer system. From there, they will follow diagnostic flow charts & processes to pinpoint exactly what has caused the failure. This process ensures that only the actual failed part is replaced: ultimately saving you money in the long run!

Learn more here.

June 2023

Why should I Change My Transmission fluid?

Your Transmission is the second most expensive part of your vehicle and it works under high operating temperatures. This causes the fluid to breakdown over time. The Transmission Fluid can become compromised with gunk and metal shavings from the inner workings of all the moving parts, like Shifting Gears. Regular Preventative Maintenance will help keep your Transmission working smoothly.

Transmission Maintenance is not something to ignore!

Your Transmission is connected to key parts of your vehicle and must be working properly for your safety. Our Transmission Services include Replacing Filters, Draining Old Fluids and Replacing with Fresh Fluid to Prevent Transmission Damage.

Common Transmission issues that can lead to Repairs may include Shifting Problems, Slipping Gears, Stalling, and Fluid Leaking. Don't wait for the Service Transmission light to pop up! Check out our Transmission Services and contact us today for a Transmission Health Check!

Click here to learn more!

Transmissions transmission Repair

April 2023

Your Car's AC System

There are many components to your Car's Air Conditioning System. When we service your car's AC System we will inspect and test those components. We have the most current and up to date equipment to verify your AC System's pressures, AC Refrigerant levels, and cooling vent temperature. If your AC System has a leak, we'll find it using a specialized leak detection dye. Once your Vehicle's AC System is in proper working condition, we'll charge the AC System and refill with the proper Refrigerant type and capacity your vehicle needs. Click here to learn more!

Car Air Conditioning System Machine AC Repair

October 2022

Why do I need a wheel alignment?

There are more benefits to a properly aligned vehicle than just a smooth ride! A wheel alignment will also keep your tires wearing evenly. This will help prolong the life of your tires and protect your investment. It is also another factor in helping you get the best gas mileage out of your vehicle!

Wheel alignment wheel alignment Wheel alignment

Every day driving and road conditions can contribute to throwing your vehicle's alignment out of whack. At JS Automotive, we recommend performing an alignment at least every year and always when putting a new set of tires on. FUN FACT: most tire companies will not honor their mileage warranty on a set of tires if an alignment was not done at the time of install. Another factor in protecting your investment!

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, 09/25/2023
A very accommodating auto maintenance shop. Easy scheduling and top notch work you can trust. My '17 and '18 Subaru Foresters were serviced for brakes and filters in timely fashion to help us get safely back onto the road. I will return.
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